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"Rating the Net" (fwd)

Zur Rating-Diskussion (z.Z. leider nur als WordPerfect-Text, aber das
Abstract sieht interessant aus):

>From CYBERLAW: No. 2, December 10, 1996:

>     ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>     "Rating the Net"
>          Forthcoming, 19 Comm/Ent #2
>            Wayne State University
>          CONTACT:  Jonathan Weinberg
>          E-MAIL:   MAILTO:weinberg@msen.com
>          POSTAL:   Wayne State University Law School
>                    Detroit, MI 48202
>          PHONE:    (313) 761-8588
>          FAX:      (313) 761-8730
>          LSN-REF:  CYBERSPACE:APS96-005
>     PAPER REQUESTS:  Copies of this paper are obtainable from
>     http://www.ssrn.com/CyberLaw/lawpaper.html
>     Rating systems provide an impressive solution to the problem
>     of sexually explicit speech on the Net.  Members of the
>     Internet community are rightly enthusiastic about the
>     benefits filtering software promises.  Those benefits,
>     though, come at a cost.  Sites may be stripped out of the
>     filtered universe because of deliberate political choices on
>     the part of ratings service administrators, and because of
>     inaccuracies inherent in the ratings process.  If a ratings
>     service is to categorize a large number of sites, it cannot
>     simultaneously  achieve consistency and nuance; the
>     techniques it must rely on to achieve consistency make it
>     more difficult to capture nuance, and make it less likely
>     that users will find the ratings useful.  The necessity of
>     excluding unrated sites may disproportionately bar speech
>     that was not created by commercial providers for a mass
>     audience.  These concerns are especially troubling because
>     it seems likely that many adults will reach the Net through
>     approaches monitored by filtering software
>     ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Christopher Frankonis

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