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Der geilste Spam

Das finde ich die schärfste Abzocke seit langem:

Forwarded from 74431,620 (ist mein Account, pls nicht flamen :)
Sender: survey@bmxi.com
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From: "survey" <survey@bmxi.com>
To: nobody@bmxi.com
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 11:57:12 Pacific Standard Time
Message-Id: <19961210115712.bm7286.in@bmxi.com>

Vote Yes or No for SPAM!!

The hottest issue on the Internet is unsolicited e-mail,
affectionately referred to as SPAM. I've heard it said that stopping
spam would be an infringement on one's right to free speech as well as
freedom of the press. People on the other side say that unsolicited
e-mail is an invasion of privacy.

Which side are you on????

Most of you are aware of the battles in court (state and federal
level) involving this issue. Because of the impact these legal
decisions will have on us all I feel it necessary to voice my opinion
as I hope you do. I don't know if public opinion can have a bearing on
this issue but I intend to find out.

I am conducting a survey and hope you will take part. The results of
this survey will be published in 2 national publications as well as
being posted on the appropriate news groups. The results will also be
made available to the management of the online services on the
Internet (aol, compuserve, ect. ).

If you wish to take part in the survey and wish to contribute to the
expense of publishing the results you can do so by

a  "YES"  vote   (In favor of unsolicited e-mail)  will be recorded by
selecting ext .# 1910

a  "NO"  vote   (against unsolicited e-mail ) will be recorded by
selecting ext. # 1911

let your opinion be known

You will be charged $2.99 for your call and you must be at least 18
years old to participate.


Mann, wenn das nicht eine gute, urdemokratische Abstimmung ganz im
neuen Geiste des Netzes ist! Nein, man/frau kann nicht etwa per
E-Mail antworten, es muss schon per Telefon sein. Und kostet auch nur
3 Dollar. Echt verschärft, besser als alle Schneeballsysteme. Was
macht man denn gegen so etwas? Ist das nicht auch in den USA gegen
"die guten Sitten"?


Alfred Poschmann, Journalist, Fax: 089/54505902