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Re: German Gouvernment plans to restrict cryptography

On Sun, 22 Dec 1996 08:51:13 -0500 you said:
>>country and from outside. Asking everybody may cause a sensibilisation
>>for this subject.
>I have been battling these plans in the US for some time, e.g., my

Is there ANY commercial email software with simple to use pgp inside?
If not, THIS is the thread how to ban it. No government cares about
the handfull of informatik students etc, who know how to use it,
where to get it etc.., as long as the average newbie is out.

Beating such plans with spreading pgp?? As long as there is nothing
simpler to use for everybody, it seems wasted.

And, as far as I see, it isnt a 1-a thing, if you had some decent
regulation, better legal technic than the old ITAR, no problem.