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(Fwd) Can (should) the WWW be regulated?

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Date:          18 Jun 97 10:13:49 +0100
Subject:       Can (should) the WWW be regulated?
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Can (should) the WWW be regulated?

The Vietnamese government appears to think it can, ISPO Trends reports
a new and complex regulation requiring all Internet users to be
licenses by the Ministry of Culture and Information before posting
information on a Web site. The provision of information that is
inconsistent with the license could lead to the licence's removal, a
fine or even imprisonment. Foreign entities such as news agencies,
embassies and international or non-governmental organisations would
have to receive an additional permit from the Ministry of Foreign

Two questions arise:

1. What is the merit in constraining the provision of information by
one's own citizens and enterprises, if you can't control the
information they can access globally? Is the logical next step to make
it illegal for users to <visit> unlicensed sites?

2. How long will it be before those who want a <bit tax> start on this
alternative/additional opportunity - license fees from websites?

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Ian Simmins
European Telework Development Initiative