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Re: Fwd: Empire Strikes Back but not Darth Vader

>> Canadian student and network engineer, for creating a mirror site of
>> the original report and for linking to Professor Peter Junger's web
>Muß man eigentlich wissen, was das für ein "report" ist?

Jedenfalls lohnt es sich, den Brief von Peter Junger zu lesen.

Kurzmeldung von Declan McCullagh dazu:


A Midwestern Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Peter Junger, a professor at the Case Western Reserve Law School,
has taken up the banner dropped in battle by Canadian student
Jeremy Freeman by posting the report on satanic ritual abuse that
the Nottinghamshire County Council is desperately trying to put
back in the bottle. Of course, the council's futile vigor has only
increased the notoriety of the document, which has now been
mirrored from here to Versailles. The council's cease-and-desist
letter to Junger, along with his exceptionally well articulated
response, make indispensable reading for anyone interested in the
international legal implications of information posted online --
and should also serve as a primer for any government agency
interested in not looking like the north end of a mule headed


Die beiden Briefe:

http://samsara.law.cwru.edu/comp_law/notts.txt (bzw. notts.ps)
   Sie gucken so verwundert, Herr Mayer: IP heißt Internet-Protokoll.