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Re: Fwd: Empire Strikes Back but not Darth Vader

On 18 Jun 1997, Wolfgang Kopp <kopp@naranek.camelot.de> wrote:

> Muß man eigentlich wissen, was das für ein "report" ist?

Es geht um angebliche Kindesmisshandlung durch Anhaenger von Satanskulten.


The original Joint Enquiry Report consisted of five volumes totalling over
600 pages. The first volume of 42 pages contained an introduction, a survey
of the Team's work, conclusions, the reasons for these, a section covering
the effects of the Broxtowe case on the Social Services Department, a
section on Police/Social Service relationships and finally the
Recommendations. This volume was in effect a brief summary of our approach
and findings and no personnel were identified. All the evidence for our
findings was contained in a further 4 volumes of Appendices labelled Factual
Investigations, Children's Disclosures and Research. The Factual
Investigation volume contained reports on interviews and contacts with over
70 persons.

The original report was written on the understanding that it was a personal
report for the Director of Social Services and the Chief Constable and
included material that was given to us in the strictest confidence that this
would be the case. There was no attempt to preserve confidentiality and the
appendices identify children and suspected perpetrators of Satanic abuse.

With the need to make the report more widely available and usable it has
been re-written in a shortened version so that it can stand on its own
without the appendices. The team have, therefore, extracted the most
important information which influenced their conclusions and recommendations
and have incorporated it into a one volume report. Our findings, conclusions
and recommendations have not been altered but we have taken the opportunity
to clarify some of the statements made in the original report. We have also
added some additional material on the significance of our findings and have
made use of further relevant information which has become available in the
last few months. This report is still a Joint Report and has the approval of
the remaining members of both agencies.

7th June 1990 Signed.

URL's fuer den vollstaendigen Report, gepostet in de.soc.zensur:

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