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Re(2): Krypto mit Nachschluessel

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Date: 19 Jul 1997 17:56:51 -0000
From: Secret Squirrel <nobody@secret.squirrel.owl.de>
To: fight-censorship@vorlon.mit.edu
Subject: NSA leak

WASHINGTON (AP) - In a rare moment of openness bordering on glibness, a
senior official at the super-secret National Security Agency was overheard
at a White House press conference concerning current bans on the export of
encryption technology saying, "It would not take any twelve times the age of
the universe to decrypt a 128-bit message.  Thirty-three minutes is more
like it."

Observers at the press conference indicated that the senior official's
remarks were intended to be overheard by those standing nearby, who included
White House officials, reporters, and a troupe of girl scouts from Lundane,


Soviel zu den Moeglichkeiten, 128-bit zu knacken.

Theodor Schlickmann