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EU-Kommission beschliesst Krypto-Politik

Die vor kurzer Zeit bekanntgewordene Kommunikation 
der DG XIII scheint auf fruchtbaren Boden gefallen 
zu sein.



European Commission adopts Internet security and
                                             encryption policy 

Security on the Internet - or today?s current lack of it - is the
primary obstacle to the widespread commercial use of
information services. Once this question is adequately
addressed, experts predict the rapid growth of commercial
services of all types. 
The European Commission has been following this debate
closely. To help drive forward the creation of an Internet
security framework and the market for encryption tools, it
recently adopted a Communication ?Ensuring Trust and
Security in Electronic Communication? that sets out the
European Internet security policy.
The Communication calls for measures to be put in place
throughout the Union by the year 2000 at the latest. To drive
this process forward, it offers detailed proposals for action.
Some of these actions will be put in place before end 1997,
and others initiated in early 1998.