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Re: EU to propose net codes to protect childres

Das hier kommt wohl aus der Werkstatt
"illegal and harmful content" der 
Kommission. Es bleibt genaueres 


>Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 11:20:54 +0100 (MET)
>From: Arie Dirkzwager <aried@xs4all.nl>
>Subject: Re: EU to propose net codes to protect childres
>To: gilc-plan@gilc.org
>Reply-To: gilc-plan@gilc.org
>At 09:55 AM 11/18/97 +0100, Felipe wrote:
>>EU plans to propose Internet codes to protect children
>>Copyright  1997 Nando.net
>>Copyright  1997 Reuters 
>>BRUSSELS (November 17, 1997 1:53 p.m. EST http://www.nando.net) - The
>>European Commission is set to suggest guidelines on
>>Tuesday for codes of conduct aimed at protecting children from harmful
>>material on the Internet or other online networks.
>>The codes would be drawn up by service providers themselves in each of the
>>15 European Union countries, reflecting the
>>Commission's preference for self-regulation in the sensitive area of
>>Internet content.
>        This most certainly is not a task of service providers.
>>>The central plank of the recommendation, parts of which would cover the
>>television industry as well, is a network of voluntary
>>codes of conduct.
>        OK: television industry and other content-producers (including all
>individual producers of web-sites????)
>>The report asks the broadcast industry to experiment with new means of
>>protecting minors and informing viewers, although it
>>gives no specific suggestions. It also asks each country to set up a
>>national body able to share information with its EU
>        Internet service providers do not belong to the "broadcast industry"
>- they don't broadcast but just provide the technical means to broadcasters.
>        This report seems a mess of low intellectual quality to me - would
>sending detailed critical remarks and suggestions for improvement by GILC to
>this European Commission help?