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[News] On-line summit

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>Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 17:15:29 +0100
>From: Meryem Marzouki <meryem.marzouki@dial.oleane.com>
>Subject: [News] On-line summit
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>Some more news items on the on-line summit :
>>      Filtering and rating
>>    * A Game of Hide vs. Seek - There's No Consensus About Systems for
>>      Rating Internet Sites (Washington Post) When it comes to
>>      protecting children in cyberspace, the online industry loves to
>>      chat up software products such as Net Nanny, SurfWatch and Cyber
>>      Patrol, which attempt to restrict access to adult-oriented
>>      material. Major Internet service providers have agreed to begin
>>      offering the software to subscribers for free or at a nominal
>>      cost. This week, the online industry, seeking to avert new
>>      regulation of Internet content, said it would mount a broad
>>      public-education campaign to encourage parents to use the
>>      technology. But mention the rating of Internet sites, which many
>>      people see as the next step in keeping the global network
>>      child-friendly, and the consensus vanishes.
>>    * USA - Electronic Privacy Information Center tests filtering
>>      search engine (EPIC) EPIC conducted 100 searches using a
>>      traditional search engine and then conducted the same 100
>>      searches using a new search engine that is advertised as the
>>      "world's first family-friendly Internet search site." In every
>>      case in our sample, we found that the family-friendly search
>>      engine prevented us from obtaining access to almost 90 percent of
>>      the materials on the Internet containing the relevant search
>>      terms. We concluded that the filtering mechanism prevented
>>      children from obtaining a great deal of useful and appropriate
>>      information that is currently available on the Internet.
>>      http://www2.epic.org/reports/filter_report.html
>>      Internet Online Summit: Focus on Children
>>    * USA - Attorney-General favours government and industry
>>      co-operation (News.com) Attorney General Janet Reno today praised
>>      private sector plans to protect children using the Internet from
>>      predators and promised more measures by law enforcement agencies.
>>      Companies doing business on the Internet this week pledged to
>>      work closely with law enforcement in tracking down and reporting
>>      predators and child pornographers. They sponsored a toll-free
>>      number for Internet users to report suspicious activity. (See
>>      related story)
>>      http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,16992,00.html?dtn.head
>>    * USA - Advocates Want Funds Tied To Filters (TechWeb) As industry
>>      participants in this weekis Internet Online Summit: Focus on
>>      Children go home with self-regulation proposals in hand,
>>      conservative groups concerned about childrenis online safety are
>>      still looking to government for regulation.
>>      http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB19971203S0022
>>    * USA - AOL Plays Anti-Pedophile Strategy Close to Vest (News.com)
>>      At the Internet summit on children and the Net in Washington on
>>      Monday, America Online joined a chorus of content providers and
>>      ISPs in promising to work more closely with law-enforcement
>>      officials to track pedophiles online. Details of how AOL is
>>      planning to more closely monitor illegal activity on its own
>>      system or cooperate with police, however, were not forthcoming.
>>      (The rest of the interview does in fact provide considerable
>>      information on AOL's cooperation with police in training and the
>>      extent of its monitoring)
>>      http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/8909.html
>>    * USA - No easy answers (ZD News) If society is ever to gain the
>>      upper hand against online sexual predators, youngsters need to
>>      apply the same common-sense rules they live by to their
>>      experiences in cyber space, according to participants in a
>>      roundtable discussion on Internet safety.
>>      http://headlines.yahoo.com/zdnews/stories/881166923.html
>>    * Online Kid's Summit In Full Swing (Inter@ctive Week) Monday was
>>      supposed to be the "day before" the White House-backed Internet
>>      Online Summit on children and cyberspace, but the debate on how
>>      best to protect children from the evil side of the Web was in
>>      full swing yesterday.
>>      http://www.zdnet.com/intweek/daily/971202a.html
>>    * What You Should Do Right Now to Protect Kids on the Internet
>>      (ZDNet AnchorDesk) Everybody as their knickers in a knot over the
>>      Kids' Internet Online Summit underway in Washington, D.C.
>>      http://www.zdnet.com/anchordesk/story/story_1510.html
>>    * Net Shepherd Offers Internet Ratings Through Internet Explorer
>>      (real.Content) Net Shepherd Tuesday announced the availability of
>>      its World Opinion's Service of Internet content ratings, a large
>>      database of Internet content ratings. The service is currently
>>      being offered to users of Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer
>>      (IE). http://real.NewsHub.com/1297/02_04.htm
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