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WPOISON - Web Poisoning Software

Wieder HTML auf die Liste gemüllt.

"Web Poisoning Software"

ist ein C-Programm, das als CGI-Script Webseiten generiert, die auf das Script
selbst verweisen und die sinnlose E-Mail Adressen sowie sinnlose Hyperlinks (die
auf das Script selbst verweisen (plus sinnlose PATH_INFO)) enthalten, die ...
Wisst Ihr eigentlich schon, was Rekursion ist?

Gewöhnlich setzt man den Link auf wpoison in seine robots.txt und läßt
Adressmineure, die sich in der Regel einen Dreck um robots.txt scheren, dann in
dem endlosen Web von wpoison sterben und massiv Mülladressen ernten.


Kristian Koehntopp, SH Online Dienst GmbH, Siemenswall,24107 Kiel
"The problem with most computer languages is that all they do is lengthen
 your resume by a word and a comma, but Perl really has made a lot of people's
 resumes more valuable." -- Larry Wall, Techweb Interview
Title: WPOISON - Web Poisoning Software
Copyright (c) 1997 E-Scrub Technologies, Inc.; All rights reserved

Copyright (c) 1997
E-Scrub Technolog= ies

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WpoisonTM Web Poisoning Tool
Home Page

  • Click here to download your own completely free copy of wpoison.

Greetings and welcome to the wpoison home page.

Wpoison is a free tool which can= be used to help reduce the problem of bulk junk E-Mail on the Inte= rnet. Wpoison helps to combat the junk= E-Mail problem by thwarting the efforts of junk E-Mailers who regularl= y scan web pages, looking for target E-Mail addresses to harvest (which they then send junk E-Mail to).

The idea behind wpoison is reall= y very simple. Junk E-Mailers write programs to automatically scan thousands and thousands of web pages, looking for E-Mail addres= ses which they then send unsloicited junk E-Mail to (or which they = sell to other spammers). By and large, these address harvesting web crawlers are about as intelligent as the spammers who = use them and/or develop them, which is to say not very. These prog= rams can be easily fooled into accepting lots and lots of completely= fake and useless E-Mail addresses, so long as the bogus addresses in question appear to reside on ordinary nondescript web = pages. That is where wpoison comes in.

Wpoison is what is called a web CGI program . A CGI program is just like any other program, except that its purpose is to generate web pages on the fly and with dynamic content that can potentially be different each time the program runs.

In the case of the wpoison CGI p= rogram, the dynamic content that gets generated each time the wpoison CGI program itself is ``visited'' (either with an ordinary web browser, or = via a automated web-crawling robot program) is just a list of randomized bogus E-Mail addresses, together with a list of randomized web hyperlinks.

Now here's the catch... and this is the really clever part... Each of the randomized web hyperlinks that wpoison generates looks exactly like an ordinary web hyperlink that leads off to somepl= ace else, i.e. to some different web page. But in fact, t= hat is just a matter of appearances, and the reality is tha= t if you follow any one of these hyperlinks, you will actually en= d up coming right back and executing the wpoison CGI program again, at wh= ich point you will get yet another randomized dynamically generated web page, and that new page will contain a totally new set of bogus E-mail addresses and a totall= y new set of randomized hyperlinks. And of course, all of those new hyperlinks will, if followed, lead right back to the wpoison CGI program yet again, t= hus starting the whole cycle all over again.

It is important to note that when wpois= on is generating its randomized bogus E-Mail addresses (and also i= ts randomized pseudo-hyperlinks) is uses an algorithim which makes= the the total number of different bogus E-Mail addresses and pseudo-hyperlinks essentially unlimited. In effect, wpoison is capable of generating= an infinite number of different bogus E-mail addresses!

So the basic idea behind wpoison= is to trap unwary and badly engineered address harvesting web crawlers, and to fool them into adding enormous quantities of completely bogus E-Mail address= es to the E-mail address data bases of the spammers, thus pollutin= g those data bases so badly that they become essentially useless (and thereby hope= fully putting the spammers who are using them out of business, or at least shutting them down for a time and causing them some major headaches while they try to clean up the messes in their now-po= lluted data bases).

Wpoison is actually a cooperativ= e net-wide effort. If we are to have any realistic hope of trapp= ing a singificant number of these address harvesting=20 web crawlers and/or making them foolishly pollute the very address data bases that they are trying to build, then we must get wpoison instal= led in a lot of places throughout the net.

If possible, please help us with this project by downloading and installing wpoison on as many web servers a= nd in as many web directories as you possibly can. If your ISP do= es not allow you to install your own CGI programs, then you can st= ill help out on this net-wide effort by making hyperlinks from your own web pages to copies of wpoison that other people have already installed on their web servers. There are many such places already scattered arou= nd at various places on the net. If you don't already know the UR= L of any of these other installed copies of wpoison, then please just make l= inks from your own web pages to the following URL:


(Click here if you would like to see what an actual randomized wpoison-generated web page looks like.)

If you are ready to download your free copy of wpoison, please click here.