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(fwd) TBTF for 4/20/98: Internet's end

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TBTF for 4/20/98: Internet's end

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..Netherlands moves toward requiring ISPs to wiretap

  Other EU countries may follow

    A law making its way through the Dutch legislative system could
    force ISPs to tap their customers' traffic, at their own expense
    [7]. The legislation was instigated by a dispute last fall between
    authorities and local ISP XS4all. The ISP refused to comply with a
    request from the Dutch Ministry of Justice's Forensic Science Lab-
    oratory to monitor one of its subscriber's Net surfing activities as
    well as all communication via email, newsgroups, and chat rooms.
    Dutch law enforcement already relies far more heavily on wiretaps
    than do their American counterparts; in 1996 three times as many
    Dutch phones were tapped, in absolute numbers. Adjusted for pop-
    ulation this represents a rate of wiretapping 50 times higher.

    [7]  http://www.news.com/News/Item/Textonly/0,25,21084,00.html?pfv

..2-meter resolution photos from space

  Use them for all your mapping, topographic, and cadastral needs

    TBTF for 1/12/98 [12] introduced EarthWatch, a company that has
    launched a satellite to provide photos from space with a resolu-
    tion of 3 meters. Now a consortium is selling 2-meter photos based
    on Russian spy-satellite technology. At 2 meters you can tell a car
    from a truck. SPIN-2  -- the name means Space Information, 2-meter
    -- is a collaboration of SOVINFORMSPUTNIK, Aerial Images (North Car-
    olina), and Central Trading Systems (New York) [13]. Unlike Earth-
    Watch, which has satellites in permanent orbit, SPIN-2 launches
    temporary satellites that return to earth with exposed film. The
    images will be for sale over the Net from a variety of sources
    including, once it gets into full operation, TerraServer [14].

    [12] http://www.tbtf.com/archive/01-12-98.html#s05
    [13] http://www.spin-2.com/
    [14] http://www.terraserver.com/

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