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Fwd: FC: How often do judges deny wiretap requests? Almost never

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>Subject: FC: How often do judges deny wiretap requests? Almost never
>Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 07:45:24 -0700 (PDT)
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Time Magazine
May 25, 1998
Page 33


   1,186: Number of wiretap requests authorized last year, for a total of
   2.5 million intercepted conversations

   0: Number of wiretap requests denied by courts last year

   3: Number denied since 1987


More info that didn't fit:

Percentage of wiretaps for drug offenses in 1997: 73
Percent increase in drug related wiretaps for New York City Special
Narcotics Bureau from 1996 to 1997: 103

Average cost of wiretap in 1997: $61,176
Average number of people intercepted per wiretap: 197

Average number of conversations intercepted per wiretap: 2,081
Increase in number of conversations intercepted from 1996 to 1997: 76,997

Percentage of intercepted conversations deemed "incriminating" by law
enforcement: 20
Percentage of intercepted conversations that were not incriminating: 80



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