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Former king to fight spam

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Janet Kornblum

Self-dethroned spam king Sanford Wallace is putting a new spin on the 
old cliché: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. 

The Net's once most notorious spammer is now teaming up with the 
attorney who beat him in court to fight against spam. 

"He has finally seen the light," says Pete Wellborn, who helped 
Internet service provider Earthlink win a $2 million judgement against 
Wallace's junk email company, Cyber Promotions. 

Actually, Wallace said he already saw the light and officially 
renounced his spam king throne. 

But now, whether welcomed or not, he is officially joining the ranks of 

His reasoning? 

"I'm giving something back," Wallace says. "I take a lot of blame for a 
lot of things that have occurred. The way I see that I can help the 
most is to slow down the damage." 

For all those who doubt his sincerity--and with his track record on 
spam there are doubtless many--Wallace points out that there are a lot 
of other ways he can make a lot more money than to help companies fight 
spammers in court. 


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