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Aktion "Sauberes Internet": LYCOS geht voran.


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Lycos takes the initiative in providing Family Safe
Software. Pornography, sexually explicit material,
expressions of hate and other such topics are
becoming increasingly rampant on the Internet. 

According to a recent study, nearly half of all
cybercitizens who reside with children are concerned
about pornography on the Internet. In addition,
nearly a quarter of all Web users who do not have
children also expressed a similar concern. Web users
have a strong desire for search engine tools that
will help them screen out adult sites and adult
banner ads from children's eyes, but still offer the
flexibility to allow adults to view the adult
material themselves if they wish. Search engines that
permanently block out adult material are less

Lycos continues to lead the way for Web users,
ensuring that pornographic material stays out of
reach of children. To this end, Lycos is pleased to
provide you with ways to filter out offensive
content. On this page, you will find links to
prominent filtering software companies that allow a
download of their tools at a special Lycos price.
Stay tuned to this page as Lycos brings even more
innovation to the concept of family safe searching. 

            Lycos -- Your Family Safe Internet Guide 

                  Net Nanny software

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