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Vielleicht interessiert sowas hier:

Subject: Re: ISP Associations at the state level?
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Try the Texas Internet Providers Association.  Active.  Effective.  Biggest
in the country, we think.

W Scott McCollough
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From: Kai Johnson <kai@desktop-journal.com>
Date: Thursday, June 18, 1998 9:34 AM
Subject: ISP Associations at the state level?

>Does anyone here know of any other attempts to organize ISPs at the
>state level?
>Contact information, in particular, would be very helpful, as the
>group here is interested in how other groups have been organized and
>what issues they've successfully tackled.

We've been prettty effective on state taxation issues; turned back an
attempt to require municipal franchises; participate in state regulatory
proceedings that affect us, and have semi-monthly meetings in different
areas of the state where vendors fight to make presentations and get
shredded by members  (one gave away an $18,000 server as a door prize).

We're sending a delegation to GIAW.

I commend the effort and am sure we can provide helpful information.

Contact Gene Crick, Ex. Dir, at gcrick@main.org.