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DejaNews - oder: Neue unternehmerische Kreativitaet ...

Einem Hinweis von Wolfgang Bleh in


folgend, stoesst man auf dieses:


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How It Works 

Deja News Discussions is a fully scalable, turnkey
service hosted by Deja News. Through the unique
combination of its audience, content and
technology, Deja News can instantly provide
network affiliates with active, informative and
entertaining Internet discussion forums,
seamlessly integrated into the affiliate's Web

Deja News starts by "seeding" an affiliate's
forums with on-topic discussions from the Deja
News database - once to get things started - and
then on an ongoing basis every two hours as fresh
content is processed through the Deja News
network. This guarantees that from day one, there
will be fresh, stimulating discussion content
available to the affiliate's audience. 

Deja News then "feeds" the discussions by linking
the forums on the affiliate's Web site with
established communities of interested participants
on the Deja News network, generating instant
traffic and critical mass. 

In addition, all the discussion content generated
on the affiliate's Web site is permanently
archived in the Deja News database. Deja News is
the Web's leading destination for discussion, and
as its 4.5 million users search for discussion
content and forums, they are exposed to the
affiliate's brand, and are linked to the affiliate
site to participate in discussions. This generates
valuable branding and traffic to the affiliate
site on an ongoing basis. 

The affiliate Web site can either pay a small
per-page-view fee to Deja News and sell
advertising in the pages, or it can have Deja News
sell the advertising and pay the site a percentage
of revenue. In either case, the service actually
becomes a profit center to the affiliate, adding
to the benefits derived from the discussions

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