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[FYI] Study: Domain Name Law Favoring Big Business


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Study: Domain Name Law Favoring Big Business

by John Borland, TechWeb 

June 25, 1998 (05:16 P.M.)

Domain name disputes are being linked too closely to trademark law,
and judges are handing too much power to big trademark holders online,
according to a study out of Syracuse University. 

While some disputes over domain names belong in trademark court, most
cases don't fit the legal guidelines, concludes the study by Milton
Mueller, director of Syracuse's Graduate Program in Telecommunications
and Network Management. The result has been a shift of legal power
toward big corporations with broad legal resources and an expansion of
trademark rights online, Mueller said. 


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Die Sachherrschaft ueber den DNS-Namensraum wird immer mehr zu einer 
politischen Frage, die nicht nur Trademark-Experten angeht. Man 
sollte sich gelegentlich mal eine eigene Meinung dazu bilden.

Axel H. Horns
Axel H. Horns