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[FYI] 98/C 212/10 Call for Proposals [...]

Muss man da ein Auge drauf haben (--> Key Escrow usw. haengt 
schliesslich auch eng mit Standardisierungsfragen zusammen!) ?


98/C 212/10
                        Call for proposals for standardisation
                        projects for the information society

-------------------------------CUT -------------------------------
In the general framework of the Council Decision 87/95/EC concerning 
the implementation of standardisation policy and measures in the 
field of information and communication technologies, the European 
Commission invites the submission of proposals for standardisation 
projects for the Information Society (Isis/Sprite-S) along the lines 
indicated in the present call for proposals.
------------------------------ CUT -------------------------------

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Axel H. Horns
Axel H. Horns