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Mehr aus Oesterreich........

Ich finde diese Zensurthreads zwar nicht so interessant, vorsichtig
ausgedrueckt, aber wenn Euch sowas gefaellt:

Public Netbase under Attack

The right-wing Austrian Freedom Party (FPOE) and its leader Mr. Haider have
asked the Austrian State Secretary for the Arts to resign due to the
funding of Public Netbase t0 Media~space!, a cultural center for new
communication technologies in Vienna.

The Freedom Party spent a major part of tuesday afternoon in a parlamentary
session accusing Public Netbase of running a (child)porn-network.
There was a pressconference on this subject on thursday organized by the
freedom party, various press-releases and an open letter accusing the
designated director of national broadcast organisation (ORF) of downplaying
the "scandal".

State Secretary for the Arts Dr. Wittmann was quoted in the press "I
personally do not approve of these things!"

The May programm of Netbase gave a critical insight into the issues of
censorship and sexuality in communication technology under the title
"sex.net - sex & lies & internet" which featured prominent speakers like
Constance Penley (UCLA) or Cherie Matrix (Feminists against Censorship, UK).

For more details have a look at http://www.t0.or.at/event/sex-index.html

In the parliamentary session and in the following press-conference most of
the evidence presented was from an erotic website from the British Virgin
Islands located at http://sex.net
"Copyright 1998 Ocean Fund International, Ltd, A British Virgin Island
International Corporation. All Rights Reserved" and has no relation
whatsoever to Public Netbase.

Public Netbase, respectively the "Institute for New Culture-Technologie",
is currently evaluating the possibilities to take legal action against the
Freedom Party despite parliamentary immunity.



sex, lies & the internet

o 07 Mai 19:00 alt.sex: In the celluloid flesh
 A celebration of 4 decades of censored bizarre and deviant erotic sinema
by Danny
 Holman (London, UK/Prag, CZ) Presentation of Video-Archive

 Do 07 Mai ab 21:00 e~scape lounge EPY CD Release Party
 EPY are presenting their recent release =84Schall und Rauch=93

Do 14 Mai 21:00 inauguration sex.t0.or.at and e~scape lounge
23:00 performance:irene lavi=F1a  visuals:clitoressa  sound:die m=E4use
Glamour night - Dresscode - http://sex.t0.or.at

Fr 15 Mai 19:00 Cherie Matrix (London, UK) "Feminists Against Censorship -
Pornography and Censorship-Issues on the Net"
Lecture and Q&A Session

Sa 16 Mai 14:00 Cherie Matrix (London, UK) "Online Dating - Fantasy,
Role-Playing or place to find True Love?"

Fr 22 Mai 19:00 Constance Penley (Santa Barbara, USA) "Sex, Lies, and the
Internet (and Video and TV too)"

So 24 Mai 14:00 dolores' bulimic breakfast l=E4dt zum Sonntagsbrunch
Social Networking with Coffee and Cake - "Viennese Style" - and discussion
with invited theoreticians. this time: Constance Penley

Mi 27 Mai 19:00 FetishDiva Midori of San Francisco, USA "Digital Decadence?
Sex and Taboo in the Information Age" http://www.FetishDiva.com

Do 28 Mai 21:00 e~scape lounge and performance by FetishDiva Mistress
Midori (USA)

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