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Re: Einwurf von Ingo, H&H-Philosoph CCC-B

> Samurai trifft Weisen;  fragt "Was ist das Gute, was das Boese".
> Weiser antwortet "Verpiss  Dich". Samurai zueckt das Schwert.
> Weiser zeigt darauf und sagt "Das ist das Boese". Samurari steckt
> Schwert weg. Weiser sagt "Das ist das  Gute". (ingo,  ccc.berlin)

Zeitgeschichte, zeitlose Geschichten:

 BM  In your mini-manifesto on JOE'S GARAGE where you say
 "Information is not knowledge, Knowledge is not wisdom,...
 etc.", at the end you say "Music is THE BEST".  What is

 FZ  Well, in the terms, I would use two different
 definitions for it, one in the clinical sense and one in
 the sense that applies to that little statement on the
 album.  In the sense of the statement on the album, it
 would mean whatever you happen to think music is.  That's a
 statement to other people and they would plug into that
 statement their concept of what music is.  I'll recite it
 for you just for the people who don't have the albums: 
 "Information is not knowledge, Knowledge is not wisdom,
 Wisdom is not truth, Truth is not beauty, Beauty is not
 love, Love is not music and Music is THE BEST".  So, you
 get to figure out what your idea of music is and plug it
 into that. 

[Beginn eines Interviews 1988 mit dem Komponisten und Zensurgegner Zappa]

What time is it?