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[FYI] DNS-Revolution durch die kalte Kueche


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               Is Communicator `stealing hits?'
                                                         By Matthew

               July 16 _Netscape Communications Corp. today
               took steps it hopes will lead to an easier, more
               intuitive Net experience by building a feature
               called Smart Browsing into the beta-test version
               of its new suite of applications, Communicator
               4.5. Smart Browsing tweaks the way Net
               navigation works _ and has opened up
               Netscape to accusations that it is trying to steal
               traffic from other Web sites.

NAVIGATING THE WORLD Wide Web can be a confusing experience. Type 
"Whitehouse" or "Bambi" into the address window in your browser, for 
example, and chances are you'll come across something very different 
from what you were expecting: both whitehouse.com and bambi.com are 
pornography sites. Smart Browsing includes a gadget called Internet   
Keywords, which lets you type in a word or phrase _ such as "Honda 
Accord" or "Goldman Sachs" _ into the address bar of the browser. 
Whenever you type something that's not a Web address, the browser 
searches a directory of keywords on a Netscape server, and if it 
finds such a keyword, it shunts you directly to what it deems the 
appropriate site. For example, typing in "whitehouse" in the new 
browser takes you to the official White House site, 
"www.whitehouse.gov," not to the porn site. If no single site is 
associated with what the user typed in, or if the words are a generic 
category, such as "cars," the user gets a page from Netscape's Web 
directory listing sites on that topic _ for example, a listing of 
online automobile resources. Some say the new feature is stealing 
their traffic, saying it misdirects consumers. "There is a whole 
economic system built up around this naming architecture, and to try 
to rewrite the rules at this stage doesn't seem smart to me," said 
Dave Winer, a Web developer. 


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Manche Leute haben angesichts der Trademark-Diskussion im 
Zusammenhang mit dem DNS schon immer gejammert, ein Directory-Service 
sei doch viel besser geeignet zum Abbilden kommerzieller Interessen 
auf den Namensraum als das DNS, das aufgrund ganz anderer Praemissen 
konzipiert worden sei.

Voilą, hier ist das neue System im Entstehen. Allerdings nicht per 
RFC unter der Kontrolle irgendeiner wie auch immer gearteten 
(Fach-)Oeffentlichkeit, sondern als kommerzielles Projekt eines 
bestimmten kommerziellen Anbieters. Man wird sehen, was man davon 

Die Unbeholfenheit des DAU wird hier wieder als Dreh- und Angelpunkt 
instrumentalisiert, um ein lukratives Quasi-Monopol zu installieren.

Axel H. Horns
Axel H. Horns