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Open Call for proposals for setting up a European network of hotlines



>Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 22:50:57 +1000
>From: Felipe Rodriquez <felipe@xs4all.nl>
>Subject: Open Call for proposals for setting up a European network of
>  hotlines
>To: gilc-plan@gilc.org
>Reply-To: gilc-plan@gilc.org
>Action Plan on promoting safe use of the Internet
>Open Call for proposals for setting up a European network of hotlines (OJ N
> C    of      1998)
>The  Commission has submitted a proposal1 to the  Council of  the  European
>Union to adopt a multi-annual Community Action  Plan  on  promoting  safe
>use  of  the  Internet covering  the  period 1998 to 2001.  This
>publication  is made subject to the final decision of the Council of  the
>European Union on the proposal.  In the framework of  the proposed
>Council  decision,  the  European   Commission invites proposals with the
>following objective:
>To  set up a European network of hotlines  that allow users to report
>content or use which they come  across in the course of their use of  the
>Internet and which they consider to be illegal.
>The  objective  of  this action is not only  to  restrict circulation  on
>the  Internet  of  illegal  or   harmful content,  but  also  use  of  the
>Internet  for  illegal purposes.  In particular, the Commission wish to
>promote services  which address content on the Internet  that  is contrary
> to   human   dignity,   for   example,   child pornography,  extreme
>forms of violence,  incitement  to racial  hatred  and  xenophobia.  The
>establishment  and promotion of a network of hotlines aims to achieve
>these objectives  by  providing  a mechanism  for  seeking  the removal  of
>illegal and offensive content from  the  host server.   Responsibility  for
>prosecuting  and  punishing those  responsible  for illegal content  or
>use  is  not covered  by this Call and remains with the national  law-
>enforcement authorities.
>In  order  that interested organisations may make  public their  readiness
>to  collaborate in such  projects,  the Commission  is  making available on
> its  Internet  site: http://www.echo.lu/,  an  open  space   where
>potential projects   may  be  sketched  out.   Organisations   that
>currently  operate  national hotlines,  and  those  in  a position  to
>either  create new services,  or  integrate existing  services  into  a
>trans-national  network  are encouraged  to consult this site to develop
>their  ideas and  broaden their consortium.  Successful projects  will be
>expected  to  take full account of  existing  hotline initiatives  and  to
>include resources  to  generate  co- operation  between  them.   Whilst
>projects   need   not necessarily cover all Member States in the initial
>phase, such  coverage  is the ultimate goal of  the  action  and preference
> will  be given to proposals that  demonstrate the best chance of realising
>that objective.
>Community  financial  support is based  on  actual  costs incurred,
>normally labour costs and  travel  costs,  and start-up costs in the case
>of new hotlines.  The  support will  be  calculated at up to 50% of  those
>costs.   The Community   financial  contribution  under  the   present
>programme  may not be cumulated with a payment  from  any other European
>Community programme or source for the same project.  An indicative budget
>for the support of actions from this call is 1.5 MECU for proposals
>received by  the closing date given for the first evaluation.
>This  call  for  proposals is open to  entities,  whether private  or
>public,  within  the  European  Union.   All projects  must  include
>co-operation between  independent organisations established in different
>Member States  and preferably integrate activities across national borders.
>Further  information on this call and the conditions  for submitting
>proposals may be obtained from the  following address:
>Calls Central Office, European Commission DG XIII-E, EUFO 1179 L - 2920
>Luxembourg Fax:  (+352) 40 116 2234 E-mail:  actplan@echo.lu
>This documentation may also be obtained by access to  the World    Wide
>Web   server   I*M   Europe    at    URL http://www.echo.lu/actplan/
>This   is  an  Open  Call  for  proposals  with  a  first evaluation  in
>August 1998 and three further  evaluations which  will take place
>respectively 6, 12 and  18  months thereafter. All proposals responding to
>this call must be addressed  to the Commission at the address indicated  in
>this  notice and sent by registered post, or  by  courier service.   The
>postmark or receipt  by  post  office  or courier   service  being  proof
>of  time  of   dispatch. Proposals   may  also  be  delivered  to   one
>of   the Commission's  offices within the Community  by  the  same date.
>Proposals  for the first evaluation  exercise  in August  1998 must be sent
>by 17.00 on xx Auguts  1998  at the latest.
>_______________________________ 1                       COM(97)
>          582 http://www2.echo.lu/legal/en/internet/actplan.html
>Felipe Rodriquez        felipe@xs4all.nl