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Jetzt Russland: Jeder Sucker will nen F.....

Kurz genug für ein volles Quote.  Sue me.

   Russia Ponders Net Snooping
   Wired News Report 
   9:35am  21.Jul.98.PDT
   The Russian state police has a plan to monitor every piece of data
   sent over Russian bandwidth.
   Codenamed "SORM," the project was apparently created at the behest of
   the security agency FSB, formerly known as the KGB, and would compel
   all Internet service providers to install a real-time snooping device
   in their main computers. The snooper would be connected directly to
   police headquarters through a dedicated high-speed line.
   The draft project, published on a Russian Web site, says the system
   has to enable the security service to upload "all information,
   incoming and outgoing, for individual subscribers of each network."
   Anatoly Levanchuk, an electronic-documents consultant who published
   the SORM draft, said it would be "like having the FSB's word of honor
   that they won't switch on the listening device they've just installed
   in your apartment or office unless they really need to."
   An FSB official interviewed by The Guardian of London would neither
   confirm nor deny the existence of the project. But a spokesman for the
   Russian Association of Network Services, an Internet service providers
   group, confirmed that the association had held four meetings to
   discuss the project's implications.
   Some ISPs fear losing their operating licenses if they don't comply,
   and one service provider noted that the Russian language has no
   adequate translation for the word privacy.