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[FYI] IJCLP ab 03.08.1998

Demnaechst (ab 03.08.1998) unter 


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The International Journal of Communications Law and
Policy (IJCLP) is a new and innovative electronic
law journal covering a range of topics relating to
communications policy. and regulation. It will
contain a diversity of materials including peer
reviewed and non-refereed articles, work in
progress, book and conference reviews.

The IJCLP team have established a very high
standard that is shaping the future of electronic
legal journals. They will ensure that they
consistently deliver a combination of scholarly
content, good design and a user-friendly approach.
With an international advisory board, IJCLP is of
immediate appeal to an international audience of
legal academics, legal practitioners and anyone
interested in communications policy and regulation.

IJCLP is a joint project involving: 

The Programme in Comparative Media Law &
Policy at the Centre for Socio-Legal-Studies,
Oxford University, Wolfson College, Oxford,
United Kingdom The Administrative Law
Department of the Institute for Information,
Telecommunications and Media Law (ITM) at the
University of Münster, Germany The  CTI Law
Technology Centre at the University of
Warwick, United Kingdom 

IJCLP is currently funded by the Electronic
Libraries Programme , which was established by the
Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) as a
direct response to the Follett Report.
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Klingt zunaechst nicht ganz uninteressant. Mal sehen, was die Leute 
daraus machen. Hoffentlich wird das nicht zu Fernsehlastig.

Axel H. Horns
Axel H. Horns