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Computer Crime und Computerverbot (Wired News)


Artikel: Kicking Crackers Off the Grid

Es geht um das Verbot, Computer und Modems zu besitzen im Fall
einer Verurteilung der zwei Kids in USA:

"These kinds of restrictions don't even touch the issue of
 responsible use of technology. They don't serve any purpose
 other than to make these kids bitter and angry," he said. 

"Personally, I think that if anything, they should be
 encouraged in the responsible use of technology,"
 Roadancer said. 

 A San Francisco criminal defense attorney who specializes in
 computer crime cases agreed. 

"From a political standpoint, what the computer-use
 restrictions say is that what we're concerned about is a
 threat from someone with skills plus tools plus knowledge,"
 said Jennifer Granick, who operates a private practice. 

"In this day and age we should be embracing skills and tools
 and knowledge," she said. 

Auch wenn es in USA ist - es ist angenehm, mal was zu lesen,
das mit Computern und nicht mit Pornographie mit Kindern
zu tun hat ... &:)

Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler (A. Einstein)