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Welt/bibliothek für Crypto in Post/script


Sorry für die unter Euch, die Erich Moechels Dienst 
direkt aboniert haben.



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>Subject: Welt/bibliothek für Crypto in Post/script
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>Welt/bibliothek für Crypto in Post/script
>Die erste Phase von Bruce Schneiers Database steht. Vom
>Ansatz her ist der Anspruch auf eine grossangelegte, offene
>Welt/bibliothek zu erkennen.
>Watch out: die links sind Post/script Files.
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>Counterpane Systems has created an extensive bibliography of
>links to 
>cryptography papers available on the World Wide Web.  We
>hope to 
>build a comprehensive database of published papers available
>on the 
>net, organized both by author and by year.
>Users can view the bibliography by author (every author is
>indexed, not 
>just the first author) or by publication year.  There will
>also be a single page containing all the citations, to
>facilitate searching the full
>bibliography (by keyword, for example) with your browser's
>search function.
>Counterpane wants this database to be a research tool for
>the community, 
>and for it to be continuously updated.  We will frequently
>monitor the 
>WWW for new articles for our database.  Researchers can also
>articles for inclusion in the database using an on-line
>form; see the 
>webpage for details.
>Please help.  If you have papers on the Web, please submit
>them into 
>our database.  If you know of any archives of papers that I
>please let me know.  If there are any features youíd like to
>see, please 
>suggest them.
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