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Re: Dt.-frz. Echelon?

On 28 Sep 98 at 13:20, Ralf W. Stephan wrote:

> In der hitzigen Debatte im eur. Parlament über Echelon:
> http://www.jya.com/ep091498-1.htm
> http://www.jya.com/ep091498-2.htm
> sind Hinweise auf ein ähnliches System aufgetaucht, das
> von Frankreich und Deutschland betrieben werden soll.
> Der Begriff ISDN ist gefallen.

Die "Stelle" lautet:

------------------------------ CUT ---------------------------------

Seppänen (GUE/NGL). - Honored chairman, STOA-unit chairman Pompidou
has here, with success, referred to the established research
especially on the part of the Echelon system. I am astonished that
Mister Bangemann did not refer to this issue at hand at all in his
opening speech. In my opinion Mister Commissar should listen to the
speeches that people use, so that he could comment on the
Echelon-system, which he has not yet done. I do not understant, Mister
Commissar, how you can comment on us, when we were supposed to comment
on your speech on this subject. You hide things (keep things secret).
I have issued a written question about the subject several months ago.
There still hasn't been any answer. It was a prioritized question. The
European Union commission wants to stay quiet on the Echelon system
and the ambiguities related to it. Take care that written questions
are answered in due time.

As to this issue, it is about secret co-operation done with the United
States. The French Marianne-paper has also claimed that France and
Germany are conducting similar co- operation in Europe. Also this
matter needs to be investigated.

Now there is information that in the year 1995 European Union has had
a  deal made, according to which European Union member countries'
secret services get to their use an Echelon system through the United
States' espionage services FBI and NSA. Now you, Mister Commissar,
have to make clear to us European Parliament members, has such a deal
been made in the year 1995, and if it has been made, then what has
been agreed on in it. The international system demands it, and it is
entitled to get an answer to this question. We are entitled to know
whether phone-calls are also being listened to in the European
parliament and European Union through the ISDN-digital systems. It is
reasonable to get an answer to these questions from the commission.
This is not such a matter, about which, you, Mister Bangemann, can
stay quiet in the same manner the Commission has done until now. [End

------------------------------ CUT ---------------------------------