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Finland frees crypto


   The Government was unanimous that nationally there should be no
   restrictions on the use of strong encryption for confidentiality
   purposes. There should be no mandatory key recovery systems either, at
   least not provided for by law. Businesses and private persons should
   be encouraged to use voluntary key management systems. However, they
   are not obliged to do so by law and there will be no special
   privileges or rights offered by public authorities for that purpose.
   With regard to exports and export restrictions, Finland observes those
   arrangements to which it is internationally committed. However, with
   regard to reform of control lists and procedures Finland's aims are to
   examine the restrictions on cryptographic products so that control
   lists correspond to technical development, and to ensure that the
   necessary restrictions will not unreasonably impede normal foreign
   trade of industry and businesses.
   The complete policy can be found on the website

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