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Re: Europol will Iridium abhören

> Europol will Iridium abhören

(The Quadrennial Defense Review Commentaries)

   When evaluating the adequacy of today's budget, it is also important
   to remember that the size of our force structure is much smaller than
   at any time during the Cold War. Compared to the force levels reached
   during the 1980s, for example, combat units have been reduced by
   greater amounts than a 26% cut back in spending would suggest. Air
   Force tactical fighter wings, for example, have been slashed by 50%,
   ships in Navy's battle fleet by 37%, and the Army's active duty
   maneuver battalions by 44%. Although one might think these
   disproportional cut backs are unique adjustments brought about by the
   end of the Cold War, they are really part of a continuing evolution
   that began in the mid 1950s.
  Why does the much smaller post-Cold War military require a Cold War budget
  to keep it running?

Könnte man ja auch bei uns fragen...,
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