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Re: Europol will Iridium abhören

Erich Moechel arbeitet an der Sache. Alle Info also bitte
zur quintessenz in ebensolchem Format




At 14:18 20.11.1998 +0100, Ralf W. Stephan wrote:
>> Europol will Iridium abhören
>(The Quadrennial Defense Review Commentaries)
>   When evaluating the adequacy of today's budget, it is also important
>   to remember that the size of our force structure is much smaller than
>   at any time during the Cold War. Compared to the force levels reached
>   during the 1980s, for example, combat units have been reduced by
>   greater amounts than a 26% cut back in spending would suggest. Air
>   Force tactical fighter wings, for example, have been slashed by 50%,
>   ships in Navy's battle fleet by 37%, and the Army's active duty
>   maneuver battalions by 44%. Although one might think these
>   disproportional cut backs are unique adjustments brought about by the
>   end of the Cold War, they are really part of a continuing evolution
>   that began in the mid 1950s.
>  Why does the much smaller post-Cold War military require a Cold War budget
>  to keep it running?
>Könnte man ja auch bei uns fragen...,
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