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[FYI] IV. international conference on search engines 19.-20.04.1

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1998 

 Record Control Number : 11660 
                             Date : 1998-11-25 

Category : Event

General Information : 

The fourth international conference on search engines, organised by
Infonortics Ltd, will be held in Boston, USA, on 19 and 20 April 1999.
The aim of the event is to discuss recent developments in trends in
software and research, and what is currently happening to make
searching easier and more productive. Discussions will focus on the
realities faced by end users and professional searchers today and what
they require and expect from search engines. 

The conference will feature search engines that explore summarisation,
video, cross language, speech recognition, relational clustering,
visualisation and text mining. The problem of the lack of
sophistication of many search engines in dealing with a mass of data
that is increasingly varied and unstructured will also be addressed. 

In addition, this year's conference will feature an exhibition which
will run in parallel with the conference. A demonstration area will
also provide participants with the opportunity to see the operation of
new software first hand. 

Data Source Provider : Infonortics Ltd, UK

Document Reference : 1999 Conference on search engines: Event

Subject Index Codes : Information Processing, Information Systems

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For further information, please contact: 

15 Market Place 
Gloucestershire GL8 8DD 
United Kingdom 
Tel. +44-1666-505772; Fax +44-1666-505774 
E-mail: hcollier@infonortics.com 
URL: http://www.infonortics.com/