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[FYI] (Fwd) Study available: NETWORK ECONOMY in Europe


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Date:          Thu, 26 Nov 1998 10:33:44 +0100
From:          Thomas Friedrich Kamm <tk@tergau.com>
Organization:  PAe Tergau & Pohl
To:            epo@mail.austria.eu.net
Subject:       Study available: NETWORK ECONOMY in Europe
Reply-to:      EPO@austria.eu.net

A study produced by the Gemini Consulting Group and paid by the

Commission concerning the situation and strategies of the information
content industry named CONDRINET (CONtent and commerce DRIven

in global NETworks)was recently published and is now available as a
bokklet (approx. 340 pages in English) and as CD-ROM (English, French,
German). The study describes in detail the impact of the expected
NETWORK REVOLUTION to the economy in Europe: a global network of
economical and commercial systems, which is already reality in the USA
and some Northern European countries. You will find an English summary
under http://www.echo.lu/condrinet/ . The study can be purchaised via
the Bavarian Partner of MIDAS-NET ( http://www.midas-net.de )
InfonetzBayern (http://www.infonetzbayern.de )

Please send your order mailto:info@infonetzbayern.de
CD-ROM:                                                ECU 40,- /DM

Main Report (printed) and CD-ROM        ECU 80,- / DEM 155,-

Kurt Reuter
PD GMBH / PD EuroServiceCenter
International Technology & Innovation
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D-90411 Nuernberg (Germany)
fon:    +49.911.5216999
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