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[FYI] GSM Business Solutions

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1998 

 Record Control Number : 11671 
                             Date : 1998-11-26 

Category : Event

General Information : 

A workshop on GSM business solutions will be held in London, UK, on 25
and 26 January 1999, addressing strategies to integrate GSM into the
business environment. The event is targeted primarily at
telecommunications mangers and will provide detailed analyses and
up-to-date information on the technologies offered by GSM to business
users. Operators will also benefit from the workshop and will gain
first hand experience of users' requirements, allowing them to tailor
their services to the needs of customers. 

A wide range of topics will be covered during the plenary sessions of
the workshop under the following session headings: 

- Analysing the market opportunities; 
- Implementing GSM, VPN and other advanced business voice services; -
Capitalising on key trends impacting business communications; - Using
GSM to provide the "total solution"; - Defining the extent to which
GSM can substitute fixed telephony; - GSM telemetry; - Integrating GSM
directly into the corporate network; - Is a total GSM solution really
a good idea for users? 

In addition, a workshop on the costs and benefits of GSM solutions
will be held on the day following the main event. 

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Document Reference : GSM Business Solutions: Event announcement.

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