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[FYI] ONLINE '99 01.-05.02.1999

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1998 

 Record Control Number : 11701 
                             Date : 1998-12-02 

Category : Event

General Information : 

ONLINE '99, the European Congress Fair, will be held in Dusseldorf,
Germany, on 1-5 February 1999. The event is the 22nd of its kind to be
held and will include 350 lecturers whose presentation subjects will
concentrate on advanced telecommunication and information technologies
and their resulting innovations in economy and administration. 

The event will include a series of workshops and tutorials, which will
cover a number of topics including: 

- High speed and Multiservice Networking 
- Call Centres 
- Helpdesk management 
- Internet and Intranet security 
- Electronic Commerce 
- Web Computing, Java, CORBA and DCOM 
- Workflow and Knowledge Management 
- Data warehousing and ERM 

Data Source Provider : ONLINE'99 Congress Centre, Dusseldorf.

Document Reference : ONLINE'99: Event announcement

Subject Index Codes : Information Processing, Information Systems

Contact Person : 

For further information, please contact: 

22. Kongresse und Messen fur Technische Kommunication 
Postfach 10 08 66 
D-42508 Velbert 
Nevigeser Str. 131 
D-42553 Velbert 

Tel. +49-20-51-2852-0; Fax +49-20-51-285219 
E-mail: info@euro-online.de 
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