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[FYI] Wassenaar - Pressebericht aus AU


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  Leaders back US limits on encryption


  A PUSH led by the United States to curtail the spread of unbreakable
  computer-communications technologies has picked up momentum at a
  meeting in Vienna. 

  Thirty-three leading nations, including Australia, agreed to impose
  restrictions on mass-market encryption products. 

  The move went hand-in-hand with decisions that deregulated weaker
  forms of encryption and removed controls over purely consumer
  technologies, such as DVD and cordless telephones. 

  The US Government hailed the changes as a victory, as it had lobbied
  other countries to embrace its restrictive stance on encryption. 


  No decision was made about regulating intangible distribution 
  of technology, such as Internet downloads. 

  It was not clear if the new restrictions were intended to stop
  public-domain software, such as the popular e-mail security package,

  Although Australia prohibited unlicensed export of public-domain
  encryption software, the Wassenaar treaty provided an exemption. 

  A Canadian source confirmed public-domain software would remain
  unregulated even after the clampdown on mass-market products. 

  The Wassenaar revisions require local legislation by each member


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