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Re: [FYI] Wassenaar-Listen online

On 10 Dec 98 at 12:40, Thomas Roessler wrote:

> http://www.wassenaar.org/List/Table%20of%20Contents%20-%2098web.html


-------------------------------- CUT --------------------------------


The Lists do not control "software" which is either:

     1. Generally available to the public by being:

          a. Sold from stock at retail selling points without
          restriction, by means of:

                    1. Over-the-counter transactions;

                    2. Mail order transactions; or

                    3. Telephone call transactions; and

          b. Designed for installation by the user without further
          substantial support by the supplier; or

               N.B. Entry 1 of the General Software Note does not
               release "software" controlled by Category 5 - Part 2.

          2. "In the public domain".

-------------------------------- CUT --------------------------------


-------------------------------- CUT --------------------------------

GTN "In the public domain"

                    GSN This means "technology" or "software" which
                    has been made available without restrictions upon
                    its further dissemination.

                                   N.B. Copyright restrictions do not
                                   remove "technology" or "software"
                                   from being "in the public domain".

-------------------------------- CUT --------------------------------

So far, there seem not to be any new "Berlin Wall" for the 
non-commercial versions of PGP and the like.

Axel H Horns