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[FYI] (Fwd) UK ISPs to offer access monitoring software for chil

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Date:          Thu, 10 Dec 1998 18:06:06 GMT0BST
From:          "Yaman Akdeniz" <lawya@lucs-01.novell.leeds.ac.uk>
Subject:       UK ISPs to offer access monitoring software for children
To:            gilc-plan@privacy.org
Reply-to:      gilc-plan@gilc.org

10 December, 1998

                                  Internet service providers are to
                                  give away monitoring software to
                                  their subscribers to help keep an
                                  eye on where their children surf. 

                                  The free software, called UC2Lite
                                  and developed by Netsiren, does not
                                  block certain web sites like other
                                  software, but simply monitors usage
                                  and lets parents decide what to say
                                  to their children. 

                                  Demon, home and UUNet are all
                                  offering links and downloads of the
                                  software that also logs e-mail
                                  messages that have been received and

                                  Managing director of Netsiren, Pete
                                  Jones, said: "The Internet has
                                  tremendous value for children. 

                                  "It can be a fantastic learning tool
                                  and source of fun, but it does need
                                  to be managed. 

                                  "We are happy to work closely with
                                  ISPs who feel as strongly about this
                                  issue as we do - whether they would
                                  like to provide a hot link on their
                                  site or post a customised version
                                  for their customers to download." 
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