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[FYI] Envisioning Knowledge 03.-04.02.1999

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1998 

 Record Control Number : 11794 
                             Date : 1998-12-14 

Category : Event

General Information : 

A conference entitled Envisioning Knowledge - The knowledge society
and the new Media will be held in Munich, Germany, on 3-4 February
1999. The conference will focus on the suggested paradigm shift from a
text-based to an image-based transfer of knowledge. It will also
present trend-setting methods of structuring and visualizing
information and knowledge. 

The conference will address the following topics: 

- The knowledge of tomorrow: The interface between computer based
information and knowledge generated in the brain as the cornerstones
of modern society; - Human intelligence as the driving force for
constructing a human/machine interface; - New tools change
institutions: How image based knowledge transfer has changed basic
requirements in research, culture, the economy and education; - "The
knowledge economy" needs intelligent tools for intelligent companies. 

The conference, which will feature lectures, practical workshops and
an exhibition, is being organised by the Academy of the Third

Data Source Provider : Press release from Academy of the Third
Millennium and the ISPO Web-site and URL:

Subject Index Codes : Information Processing, Information Systems;
Information, Media; Telecommunications

Contact Person : 

For more information, please contact: 

Burda Holding GmbH& Co. 
KG Arabellastr. 17 
81925 Munich, DE. 
Tel. +49-89-92503559; Fax +49-89-92503464 
E-mail: akademie3000@burda.com 

More information about the conference will shortly be available at: 

URL: http://www.akademie3000.de