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[FYI] Mahmud: The Hacker Tax Credit

Folgendes Zitat aus dem eher mainstream-Artikel des San Jose Mercury

   I'm in favor of another grass-roots effort that is about to begin,
   courtesy of Net activist Carl Malamud, who was the primary brains and
   brawn behind putting online the path-breaking Edgar database at the
   Securities and Exchange Commission. Edgar contains filings by publicly
   traded U.S. companies, and it's one of the most useful services of its
   kind. Malamud's vows earlier this year to post patent and trademark
   filings on the Net also prodded the government to do the right thing
   Now Malamud is urging Congress to enact a tax credit or deduction for
   expenses incurred in the creation of open-source software. It's a
   great idea. When you think of contributions to the public good,
   open-source software should be high on the list. The ``Hacker Tax
   Credit,'' Malamud says half-jokingly, is ``a simple subroutine that
   could easily be compiled into the U.S. Code.''

Mahmud's Publikationen sind online:

The Wassenaar regulations could be called antidemocratic since electronic
voting software is forbidden for export.  On the other hand, you can't trust
companies when it comes to these kind of crypto applications.  Therefore
there have to be clear regulations regarding open source (=trusted) software.