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[FYI] TEN-155, a new high-speed computer network

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1998 

 Record Control Number : 11818 
                             Date : 1998-12-16 

Category : Programme implementation

General Information : 

The new pan-European research network, TEN-155, became operational on
11 December 1998. The new network, which interconnects 16 European
countries at speeds of 155 Mbps, replaces the old TEN-34 and will be
the largest operational pan-European network. 

TEN-155 will benefit researchers and students at universities all over
Europe by providing guaranteed bandwidth to support their activities.
For the first time, international bandwidth between European countries
will be the same as the bandwidth available on the national services
used by the European academic and research community. One difference
between the old TEN-34 and TEN-155 is that the new network will permit
the use of real-time multimedia applications such as video
conferencing and multimedia broadcasting. 

The first part of the TEN-155 network to become operational was the
155 Mbps ring connecting France, Germany, the Netherlands and the
United Kingdom. At the same time links connected the Nordic countries
and Switzerland to Germany and the Netherlands. A link between Belgium
and the Netherlands will become operational on 17 December. The
university networks of Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary,
Italy and Slovenia will migrate from the existing TEN-34 network to
TEN-155 before the end of January 1999. Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain
will follow soon after and an extension of the TEN-155 network to
Ireland is planned for 1999. 

TEN-155 is a result of the Quantum proposal, submitted to the European
Commission by a consortium of European national research networks. It
has been developed under the Commission's Telematics Application
Programme of the Fourth Framework Programme and takes advantage of the
liberalisation of Europe's telecommunications market. 

The TEN-155 network has been organised and implemented by European
university networks and DANTE as the coordinating partner. DANTE is a
not-for-profit company founded in 1993 to organise and manage the
provision of pan-European Internet connectivity for the European
research community. 

Data Source Provider : URL: http://www.dante.net/ten-155.html

Document Reference : Based on press release from DANTE of 14 December

Programme Acronym : TELEMATICS

Subject Index Codes : Telecommunications

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