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[Slashdot, techweb.com] Fake grassroots marketing


Divx 'Fan Sites' Raise Suspicion
(12/20/98, 11:02 a.m. ET)
By Andy Patrizio, TechWeb 

On the Web, Circuit City's Digital Video Express
(Divx) has been the object of almost as much scorn as
last year's Communications Decency Act, and several
Divx "fan sites" aren't helping to improve its image.


While satisfied customers of Divx have proven few and
far between on the Web, in recent weeks some
pro-Divx sites have appeared. But their content has
raised suspicion. For example, Absolute Divx, a site on
GeoCities, is far more polished than the typical
GeoCities member site. 

Absolute Divx has sharp graphics, neatly formatted text,
and Java code on every page. Its message reads, in
part: "Individuals who have never used the system --
indeed, in many cases not even seen the system in
person -- have joined the bandwagon of misinformation
aimed at surrounding Divx in an aura of negativity." 

The site doesn't provide any information about the
owner; nor is there an e-mail address to contact him or
her. The webmaster did admit in an e-mail that he/she
lives in Richmond, Va., where Circuit City and Divx are
based, but denied working for either company. 



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