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[FYI] Berlin Prepares for Chaos


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                     Berlin Prepares for Chaos
                     by David Hudson 

                     3:00 a.m.  24.Dec.98.PST
                     BERLIN -- When Germany's legendary Chaos
                     Computer Club convenes here on Sunday for its
                     15th Congress, the atmosphere may be more
                     emotionally charged than it has been in years. 

                     The CCC's annual meeting between Christmas
                     and the new year has been a holiday tradition
                     since the early 1980s, when hackers and hobbyists
                     would show up to trade tips and passwords. Last
                     year, over 1,500 converged on a humble school
                     building in Hamburg for three days of hacking,
                     workshops, and lectures on topics ranging from
                     lockpicking to social engineering to the history
                     of German Net culture. 

                     Late in October, however, one of the CCC's
                     most accomplished hackers, Boris Floricic, who
                     had taken the name Tron, was found dead, hanging
                     from a belt strung from a tree in a Berlin park.
                     He was 26. 


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