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[FYI] FIPS PUB 186-1


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                                   FIPS PUB 186-1

                                   FEDERAL INFORMATION

                                   1998 December 15

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE/National Institute of Standards and

                           DIGITAL SIGNATURE STANDARD (DSS)

                             CATEGORY: COMPUTER SECURITY



This standard specifies a suite of algorithms which can be used to
generate a digital signature. Digital signatures are used to detect
unauthorized modifications to data and to authenticate the identity of
the signatory. In addition, the recipient of signed data can use a
digital signature in proving to a third party that the signature was
in fact generated by the signatory. This is known as nonrepudiation
since the signatory cannot, at a later time, repudiate the signature. 

Key words: ADP security, computer security, digital signatures,
public-key cryptography, Federal Information Processing Stan

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