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[FYI] NYT: Nations Strive to Limit Freedom of the Internet


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                     Nations Strive to Limit Freedom of the Internet 

                     DAVID L. MARCUS 
                     c.1999 The Boston Globe

                     WASHINGTON -- As promised, the Internet is
                     turning into an unstoppable geyser of
                     information, a source of data, news and opinions
                     that flow freely around the world. 

                     Except in China, which blocks access to sites
                     about Tibet, Taiwan, democratic movements and
                     dissident groups. 

                     Except in Saudi Arabia, which censors sites
                     critical of the royal family. 

                     Except in Germany, where a judge sentenced a
                     CompuServe manager to two years in prison for
                     allowing access to pornography. 

                     Except in Cuba, which has seized laptop computers
                     from dissidents as ``subversive instruments.'' 

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