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fyi: Technorealism

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Womöglich mag ja folgendes diejenigen interessieren, die vom Genuss
selbstreferentiellen Lockendrehens langsam zu ermüden drohen, es kam
mir von einem (blinden) Korrespondent zu, der sich dss Weweweb
ausschliesslich über eMail zugänglch macht:


# TECHNOREALISM (a statement/campaign of some sort)

Another interesting site I ran across recently is
Irony is their entry page uses frames <!> - but once I got
passed it I found some interesting stuff.

What follows is only the headlines from their
*evolving basic principles that help explain technorealism.*.
For the full text see:

\\begin included text
1. Technologies are not neutral.
2. The Internet is revolutionary, but not Utopian.
3. Government has an important role to play on the
    electronic frontier.
4. Information is not knowledge.
5. Wiring the schools will not savethem.
6. Information wants to be protected.
7. The public owns the airwaves; the public should
     benefit from their use.
8. Understanding technology should be an essential
   component of global citizenship.

Since March 12, 1998, over 1500 people
have signed their names to these principles.
\\end included text

Here are some url's from this site that will take you past their
frames page:

See their FAQ from more info.
I believe this site is in Canada.



Gut's Neues.