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Re: fyi: Technorealism

> http://www.technorealism.org/overview.html
> 1. Technologies are not neutral.
Neutral with respect to what?
> 2. The Internet is revolutionary, but not Utopian.
Since Plato we know that for every Utopia there is a noble lie.
> 3. Government has an important role to play on the
>     electronic frontier.
The frontier is in your mind.
> 4. Information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
> 5. Wiring the schools will not savethem.
>From extinction?
> 6. Information wants to be protected.
Information wants to flow.
> 7. The public owns the airwaves; the public should
>      benefit from their use.
Implementing a sophisticated standard is even harder than proposing one.
> 8. Understanding technology should be an essential
>    component of global citizenship.
see 7.

Mathematicians were some of the first kalligraphists/graffiti artists.