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[FYI] The Crypto Underground Meets RSA


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                                   updated 9:05 a.m.  18.Jan.99.PST 

The Crypto Underground Meets RSA
by James Glave 

3:00 a.m.  18.Jan.99.PST
SAN JOSE, California -- Doug Hoover was getting seriously flamed. The
cypherpunks had identified a flaw in his company's marketing
materials, and they were letting him know. 

"I'll give you credit, you are the first snake-oil salesman to step in
front of this audience," a cypherpunk, who goes by the name Lucky
Green, told him. "I don't understand how you can stand up here and say
you are providing software security comparable to a hardware token." 

On Monday, the seminar room will be filled with Fortune 500 IT
managers, along with a smattering of National Security Agency (NSA)
eavesdroppers, attending the opening day of the RSA Data Security


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