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[Vielleicht brauchen die U.S.-Amerikaner ja gar nicht die offizielle 
Kooperation mit der Gauck-Behoerde, um an die Daten auf den alten 
Stasi-Tapes zu kommen. Wozu haben sie schliesslich CIA und NSA? 

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The Washington Post, 20 January 1999, Page A17 

U.S. Won't Hand Over E. German Spy Files
CIA Obtained Data Sometime After '89

By Walter Pincus
Washington Post Staff Writer

The United States has no plans to hand over to the German government
the complete original files from East Germany's foreign spy
operations, which the CIA obtained in a clandestine operation sometime
after 1989, according to informed government sources.

Clinton administration officials responded yesterday to press reports
over the weekend from Germany that an agreement had been reached with
the United States for delivery of the files. One official said German
officials "appear to be putting out stories in the press to have
greater access to the original files."


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