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                         IT'S OUT OF THE BOTTLE - SUN
                          INTRODUCES JINITM CONNECTION
                           TECHNOLOGY, ENABLING THE
                            SIMPLE CONNECTION OF ANY
                          DEVICE TO ANY NETWORK, ANY
                                    TIME, ANYWHERE

                          Sun and 37 Technology Industry Leaders
                       Break-Away Technology Which Enables Development
                                a New Breed of Products and Services

                                      PALO ALTO, California - January
                                      25, 1999 - Delivering on its
                                      vision "The Network is the
                                      ComputerTM," Sun Microsystems,
                                      Inc. today announced the
                                      availability of JiniTM
                                      connection technology and the
                                      groundswell of support from
                                      major industry partners ranging
                                      from consumer electronics
                                      manufacturers to
                       software vendors to service providers. Jini
                       technology creates an entirely new means of
                       accessing the network, and in turn opens the
                       doors to a new realm of information, services
                       and products. Jini technology provides a simple
                       yet powerful solution for the enterprise and
                       consumer markets that enables instant
                       connectivity of devices to the network. A
                       prestigious federation of companies joining Sun
                       in the adoption of Jini technology is expected
                       to release Jini technology-enabled products
                       beginning late this year, and is actively
                       contributing to the evolution of this
                       break-away technology that allows for
                       breakthrough innovation. 

                       Jini technology enables any device to
                       participate in a network regardless of the
                       underlying software or hardware. Serving as a
                       constitution for network devices, Jini
                       technology sets up basic rules for how to
                       connect to the network, share information, and
                       interact - while remaining transparent to the
                       user. Because Jini technology is
                       platform-independent, devices are no longer
                       limited by specific brands of software,
                       processors, device drivers or traditional
                       networking protocol


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